I’m Aetinx, a designer and coder from Maine that loves to create fun and interesting things that people can enjoy.

What are some things that I like?

Photography, eggnog, taquitos, rock music, the colour pink*, Evangelion, oyster crackers, Jeff Gordon, root beer, KitKats, plushie lobsters**, hoodies, racing video games, Nilla wafers, frosted sugar biscuits, cute guys

* Specifically the colour #FF5588
** Better than Blåhajs

yrs Graphic design experience
yrs Web development experience

What other things do I do?

When I’m not busy working and honing in on my skills, I like to spend my time drawing cute pictures, listening to music, taking photos, and chatting on Discord.

How can we connect?

I’m on a lot of social platforms, so here’s a nice list of some accounts that I have:

@aetinx @aetinx @aetinx @aetinx @aetinx @aetinx @aetinx u/aetinx aetinx#8300 Aetinx [email protected]